Mission Statement for First United Church of Christ

First UCC reaches out to all people to grow and share in Christian faith, hope, and love.

Vision Statement  (How we work together)

As a faith community we practice

  • Welcoming all into the presence of Christ;
  • Connecting with God and one another through regular Worship, ministries, study, and fellowship;
  • Reaching out to our neighbors with compassion and hope.

Our Values (the concepts and principles we utilize to live out our mission and vision)

First UCC strives to:

  • Include and encourage all in Worship
  • Intentionally invite and welcome people to faith in Christ
  • Nurture compassion and caring
  • Develop faith formation opportunities
  • Create hospitality for guest and one another
  • Equip and encourage shared leadership
  • Foster open communication between council, committees/ministry teams, and congregation
  • Care, maintain, enrich, and apply best practices toward finances, building, and grounds
  • Embrace change and take risks to live by our mission and values